Thursday, April 29, 2010

WOW- Canyon

The Grand Canyon was wonderful. Pictures you see in magazines don't do it justice. The pictures I took, just aren't as great as the real thing. (And I only have one on here because blogger is being soooooo slow and then deciding not to load)

The trip to the Canyon took all day. Travel was horrific. 40 mph winds with gusts up to 70 mph, a big dust/sand storm, and closing Interstate 40. When we were able to get on the expressway, we inched along at 20-25mph for miles and miles. This is the storm that is going to hit Miss. this weekend. We got off the freeway to make our way up to the Grand Canyon and finally got there about 5 (made one stop on the way). We kept hearing that it was going to snow at the Canyon Wed. night. We couldn't camp there because out RV is too long for their campsites.

After we left, we drove to the KOA RV park in Williams, Arizona and spent the night there. Greg looked up the weather forecast and the wind was supposed to die down by 10pm...they lied! It stopped blowing at 3am. I didn't get alot of sleep last night!

This morning was cold and still windy, but nothing like yesterday. We decided to go out to eat breakfast. We found a really good cafe in town on Old Route 66. The breakfast was amazing. Katie got a cinnamon roll that was about 2 inches tall and the size of a dinner plate. Amy and I split an Omelet meal and we had plenty of yummy food to eat. Greg & Will got their own meals and made a good sized dent in them.

Then we strolled up a block and over a block to mail Mothers Day cards at the Post Office. On the way, Greg spied a studio that did Old Timey pictures. So after we mailed the cards, we went and did pictures. It was lots of fun. Greg bought the copyright from the guy so we can make all the copies we want! They still have to get downloaded onto the computer, but we all like them. As we were about to leave, Amy spotted snowflakes. We drove in and out of several squalls, it was so pretty.

Afterwards, we went in search of a Ghost Town. We found it after a perilous climb up the side of a mountain on what must have been a donkey trail. The signs kept saying it was Historic Route 66, but they sure didn't believe in guard rails. And of course, it was on my side of the RV. So, I ended up holding my breath and staring at the other side of the RV...I don't do steep places, no matter how "cool" they look! OH, and the ghost town was no looked like Gatlinburg with cowboys and donkeys. We couldn't even park the RV anywhere.

Now, we are at a campground in Needles, California. Another state to mark on our RV map that we have visited...even if we are only 1 mile inside the border.

We have been looking for a roadrunner for days. I spotted one jumping up branches in the bushes beside our RV. Greg got some pictures of it in its nest and the kids took the cameras outside and got more pictures and found a second bird and nest. They also got pictures of it standing on the ground but no running pictures.

Don't know what tomorrow holds...hopefully we will get a full nights sleep tonight!


  1. Even with no sleep that sounded like an awesome day! Hope you packed a jacket.

    I seriously can't wait for the pictures. If your not gonna kiss a cow for me at least kiss the kids for me!

  2. I'm thinking that I am going to want to see more pictures than just the ones you post on here ...


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