Friday, April 30, 2010

Vegas......oh my!

We drove into Nevada and through the middle of No-where-ville, over a big hill and then there it was. In the middle of the desert. Our first stop was Ethel M Chocolates. The tour was a let down since they weren't making any chocolates at the time. Then the gift shop. The kids and I drooled over the display cases trying to make some decision. Greg told me to get what I wanted (which was dangerous!) and reminded me that he like those big chocolate covered strawberries. So, we walked out with a box of 12 assorted chocolates that we picked, 3 chocolate covered gummy worms, the strawberry, and chocolate covered marshmallows. Thank you Lord for chocolate and an indulgent husband!

Next, we drove into Vegas and found the KOA, in a parking lot at Circus, Circus. Walking was next on the list. The idea was to walk during the day down the strip, take pictures of hotels, eat, and walk back up the strip. We walked for hours and hours. We ate lunch/dinner at Margaritaville. I decided it was only appropriate to eat a "Cheeseburger in Paradise", and it was yummy. Then we saw the dancing fountains at the Bellagio, which was wonderful.

I don't know what I expected here but I was shocked. There were men everywhere trying to stuff pictures of "not nice girls" into your hands. Trucks driving up and down the road bearing pictures of those same girls. And evidentally, its ok to come to Vegas and "forget" to wear proper clothing or undergarments. Since when did a man's dress shirt become a dress? And the people throwing away money in the casino's. We walked through 2 of them. The atmosphere is one of "check your morals and good upbringing at the door and forget everything your mama taught you" and just do what you please. 1 day is enough here. Its interesting but I have no desire to see more, can't imagine that it would get any better.

We are headed to Hoover Dam tomorrow.

I've got pictures but downloading them would involve getting up and my legs are tired! And my pictures are G-rated, family friendly!

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