Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happenings in Mississippi

*We are back in Miss. from a wonderful week in GA. We got to spend lots of time with Mom and did lots of shopping. The girls both got new swim suits and Will got some cool plaid shorts and polo shirts. I got Greg a pair of Sperry Topsiders at a great Belks sale. Katie and Will both bought some topsiders with their birthday money and Amy bought a pair of sequined, pink flipflops. I got a crocheted sweater and sleeveless top to wear with skirts to church.

*My baby girl turned 14 this week. I cannot believe she is that old! She had fun celebrating with gifts, oreo ice cream, cupcakes with tons of gooey icing, and a special lunch at Bahama Breeze. She is maturing into a lovely, Christian young woman.

*I got to visit JoAnn's 3 times. Ahhhhhh, fabric paradise! We found lots of cool stuff. I came in under .02! Greg has decided to raise the fabric budget in months we will be in GA! Whoo Hoo! Rie, there is a JoAnns in B'ham. We can go sometime!

*Used lots of Chick fil A coupons because we ate there 3 times. We all love chicken!

*Went to our most favorite Chinese Restaraunt in GA. Brought the leftovers home for Allen.

*Katie did great at the State Bible Drill this morning. She only made 3 mistakes and got an excellent rating. This is really awesome considering she has only done bible drill since January!

*James dog & garden sat this week. My dogs are fine and my garden is alive and thriving. All the fruit trees look great. Greg did decide that Amy and I should have picked more peach babies off when we committed peachacide a couple of weeks ago. He will have to pick off the others. They are now the size of marbles and we have a bunch of them.

*We started getting the RV ready for our trip to the Grand Canyon. The girls and I cleaned out all the cabinets and organized. We've got some dinners planned but not enough for the 2 weeks. And I'm sure we will find some unique places to eat. Greg caulked the shower and fixed the clothes bar that fell in the kids "closet". Will packed all our foldup camping chairs and ran lots of errands. We are excited about going and exploring parts of the USA we have never seen before.

*Our co-op classes and math lessons will be over this week! The month of May will be spent exploring between here and Arizona. We are also going to do a "Government" unit study and find out how its supposed to work.

*Be looking for another guest post from my beloved! He wants to do a "how to lose weight" post. Won't be what you typically think of, but his imagination is working overtime on this one!

*I am going to be baking bread to take on our trip. I will need to replenish our muffin supply also. Would love to make and freeze some waffles to take, but don't know how much time I will have. Making our pizza dough ahead of time has been a great time saver. We just made our regular bread recipe, split it in 4 parts, wrapped each part and froze. Then we take out 2 parts, let thaw and bake for the dough.

*We are excited to be back in our church tomorrow since we were in GA last week.

(Swim suit shopping with 2 young ladies is a "challenge". The suits have to be approved by me, then Granny, then Dad. They tried on lots and lots to find the 2 acceptable ones. You folks with little out. The older they get, the harder it gets.)

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  1. Let's go when we take the kids ice skating!

    So glad y'all are back to see you leave again. Sounds like you have a busy week preparing, let me know if I can help, and I'll see you at quilting - or before.


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