Friday, March 12, 2010

Yeah, its Friday!

This has been a wonderful Friday! We have gotten so much accomplished. Here is the list....

Katie baked 4 loaves of bread. Then she made more dough and split it in 4th's to freeze for pie crusts. That'll save work on pizza day!

I was informed this week (by my loving children) that we are out of muffins. So I have made a double batch of chocolate chip and a double batch of blueberry. They will get frozen and be great thawed out for breakfasts for the next couple of weeks.

We have vacummed the whole house, dusted the living room, swept the kitchen and cleaned all the bathrooms. I love home ec day!

Today was Katie's day to wash the upstairs bedsheets. Since it is so gorgeous outside, she hung them on the line....only to have birds poop on 4 of them. They are being rewashed and dried in the dryer.

I went grocery shopping at Kroger and found everything on the list except Rolaids. I didn't know it had been recalled. Its time for the stores to get it back in. Got 2 roasts at a really good price, so a roast beef dinner and vegie soup are on the menus in the next couple of weeks.
My bagger decided to use less bags and load them bag had a gallon of milk, 3 pounds of cheese,and 2 pounds of butter in it. Good grief, that thing was heavy.

We also "started" alot of our garden seeds. Beans (bush and pole), cucumbers, cantaloupe, tomato (found seeds left from last year), basil, squash and giant sunflowers.

We found out this morning that the chicken order is going in next week. So we have got to get busy and learn lots before they get here. Also, gotta build them a house! This is gonna be interesting!

Timers beeping, more muffins are done!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yes, I was thankful for Friday this week too. Blueberry sound awesome. I read you article on dehydrating things. Do you dehydrate your blueberries for your muffins? And I can't wait to hear how your garden grows.

  2. No, haven't dehydrated blueberries yet. But I have done apples. I just freeze the blueberries and then use them. but you did just give me an idea...I may try drying some!


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