Monday, January 11, 2010

In just 10 days........

In just 10 days, Greg, Katie & I will be at Inglesia Bautista Betania (Bethany Baptist Church) in El Progresso, Honduras. We will be part of a medical/evangelism/vbs Mission Team. Greg & I will be the cooks and Katie will be on the medical team in the pharmacy. This will be Greg's 13+ time, my 3rd time and Katie's 1st time in Honduras. So for the next week and a half I am going to blog some about what we will be doing for a week. There's alot to tell and you probably won't believe some of my stories...but they all happened.

Sorry about the sideways stop sign but I wanted to comment about what Stop signs or red lights mean in Honduras. STOP is really just a suggestion or a hint at what you should do. Most don't take it seriously, here's what could happen at a red light: 1. they could zip right through 2. they could pause and then zip right through 3. they could stop but you had better not count on that. So crossing the street is somewhat risky.

See those innocent looking taxi's? Behind the wheel of that taxi is a wanna be Nascar driver. They follow the same stop sign/stop light rules listed above. After Greg & I grocery shop, we take a taxi back to the church for a couple of reasons. First of all, its incredibly cheap, as in $1.25 or so for the ride and the taxi driver loads and unloads the groceries. Greg tips the drivers, so they are always willing to help and may be waiting outside the grocery for us the next day! Second, walking 5-10 blocks through El Progresso carrying grocery bags filled with food for 40-50 people is exhausting. Third, its hot down there, it will be mid 90's most days. The taxi is the way to go, I sit in the backseat and pray! So far, no accidents!

On really cool thing I saw on my first trip down there. We were driving to the "PriceMart" store which is like a Costco or Sams club and went by a Soccer Field. It was time to cut the grass on the field so the owners let a herd of goats out onto the field to eat the grass. I didn't get the camera out in time to capture that moment but it was really funny...ya gotta do what works!

Prayer Requests
1. For all the team members to be in good health and have safe travels.
2. For the Lord to bring the souls he wants to be reached to the teams.
3. For safety and good health while in Honduras.
4. For good weather and safe travels for the Honduran's coming to medical or vbs.
5. For a week beyond all our expectations!

Special prayer Request
Promiscuity, extra marital affairs, & teenage pregnancy are very prevelant down there. My little friend "M" has left her foster family, her Christian school, running water and electricity, to go care for her "Mother". Mom played on M's tender heart about being all alone while she was pregnant (child # ?, affair # ?). M is now living in a 1 or 2 room shack with Mom, a friend (who works in a bar) and the friend's teenage son. I am afraid that M is on the path of "nothing good can come from this". She is only 13 years old.

Maybe tomorrow I will share about grocery shopping. Buckle your seat belts, it'll be a wild ride!

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