Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year & Travels

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone was safe and smart in their celebrations...especially my older boys!

We left VA yesterday morning. It was icy & nasty weather was coming so we wanted to get out of the mountains. We drove east across VA and ended up at Bell Island near Currituck, NC. It was so foggy when we got there that we really couldn't see anything. We checked in at the campground, hooked everything up and found out we had a busted water froze. Praise the Lord for extra water on the RV, it was a needed necessity! After our yummy dinner of Chicken Stir Fry the kids and Greg settled down to watch GI Joe. I opted for reading & cross-stitching. Then the rain started and kept up all night long. And we didn't stay up till midnight, 2010 came with us sleeping.

Friday morning dawned damp, dreary and cold. It got colder and colder during the day. We saw 3 lighthouses, including the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. We also went to the Wright Brothers Memorial and saw a reproduction of the Kitty Hawk...the original is at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. We drove the loop road around the memorial on Kill Devil Hill, but didn't climb the hill, it was so cold and windy.

We decided to head back toward home. Since we have no water, we decided to camp at a Hampton Inn tonight. Hot water & a shower, it'll be great. The kids are clean and its my turn now!

I'll put some pictures up when we download them from the camera.

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  1. oooo, I bet that shower felt good after not having water and being cold all day. I am glad you got to see alot.


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