Monday, December 7, 2009

THEY said it would happen!

THEY said it would happen. But sometimes THEY just don't know what THEY are talking about, especially in Mississippi. But this time THEY were right...THEY are the weather forecasters! My children were thrilled that THEY were correct on this forecast. In reading facebook entries on Friday night, it was very apparent that many other Miss. children were thrilled too! Since snow doesn't last long here, all the kids were outside at 9, 10 & 11 at night, mine included. In fact, I was outside at 10:30 taking pictures. It was gorgeous, but its all gone now! The first picture is our house on Saturday morning.

This is the pool and backyard on Friday night! Anyone want to swim?

One of my beautiful red roses in the backyard covered with snow. James gave me the rosebush for Mothers Day this year!
And then we have our totally excited 3 youngest children on Friday night. This picture was taken outside the church after choir practice!

If there are enough snowflakes in our yard to press together, Amy will build a snowman! This years Frosty was about 3 feet tall and he was sporting Dad's woodworking goggles and Mom's bamboo plant stakes! Notice there is no snow surrounding little Frosty, its all in his compact little body!
I know folks from the "frozen North" will laugh at our excitement over an inch of snow, but in Central Mississippi this is major news! Thank you Lord for this beautiful gift.


  1. I love you picture of the rose with snow on it. Gorgeous! Congrats on making it through your busy week and the blessing of snow. We too got snow but it is still on the ground with a temp high in the 30s today.

  2. Wasn't it great, great, great!!


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