Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taking Time to Blog

Boy, lots has happened since I blogged on Monday. We got the menu's set up, laundry done, took all the fall decorations down & packed them away and unloaded the Christmas decorations from the attic. Katie, Will, Amy & I got busy and have most of the decorating done. The kids have also wrapped some gifts and put them under the tree. I haven't gotten that far yet.

Tuesday was Ballet & Jazz classes for the girls & I ran to Kroger to get stuff we needed for the rest of the week. All the kids will be here over the next several days and it takes alot of food to keep them fed. Praise the Lord for the full pantry and freezer. We just needed milk, juice and little stuff to round out the meals & snacks.

Wed. was a long and very full, fun day. It started with our quilting class in the morning. The girls got as much done as they could but had to stop for lack of an iron. The 3 moms all "meant" to bring an iron but we all forgot. But they accomplished alot. Then we had a great lunch at Arby's with my friend Marie and 3 of her kiddo's. Her daughter Shelby is going to Honduras with us in Jan. on our Mission Trip, so I got to talk to her about some more details. After lunch, we hit Walmart and had lots of fun shopping for a ministry our church is involved in every December. It blesses us to be able to contribute to this ministry and the kids look forward to this all year long. And then a couple of hours at home...we vegged in front of the tv watching the movie "Game Plan". If you haven't seen it, its really funny and touching, we really like it. Then dinner and church for choir practice. After that, we were beat. Early bedtime for everyone!

Tonight we have to be at church, but during the day we are staying home. We will be getting the laundry done and hopefully some baking done. Maybe watch a video or two. Our college boy comes for the weekend today, just in time for the church performances.

If you have a few minutes to spare, scroll down to my bloglist and click on "Plain & Simple Life" and watch all the U-tube videos about homeschooling that Deanna has posted. I have seen the "Addams Family" spoof before and really liked it, but they are all great! "I will Survive" may just well be my new favorite!

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