Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Walgreen's & CVS Deals

I have been reading about the deals everyone is getting at Walgreens and CVS and decided to see if this was a bandwagon I needed to jump on. So, I have tried for a couple of weeks and had pretty good success.

Today at Walgreens I got 6 walgreens water bottles @ .49 each, 9 pk. Northern Toilet Tissue @ $4.29, 2 bottles of Vitamin c Tablets @ $2.99 (buy1get1free), 2 boxes of jello @ .50 ea., 2 Dove Body Wash @ $3.49 ea., 4 Dove Ultimate deodorant @ $3.36 ea., 4 Quaker Oats Boxes @ $2.50 ea., 6 Russell Stovers pumpkins @ .39 ea.

Then my coupons came off....$8 off Dove Deo. (had 4 @ coupons), $2 off Dove bodywash (had 2 $1 coupons), .50 off 2 boxes jello, $1.25 off Northern Tissue & $1.25 off 2 oatmeal boxes.

Subtotal was $34.84
subtract 25.00 gift card I received for transferring prescription

That left $$9.84 that I paid out of pocket. AND then they printed off my register rewards $5 for purchasing $10 of Quaker Oats & $6 for purchasing 6 dove products! So I have $11 to use on my next Walgreens trip.

Then onto CVS...

Very small trip

2 Revlon Clear Nail Polishes $3.99 each
1 Secret Deodorant $1.49

Used a $1 off secret deo, coupon, paid $8 extra care bucks and $1.13 out of pocket. AND more extra care bucks printed $6. for buying revlon nail and $3.50 for prescriptions filled this quarter.

So I feel like it has been successful. If I didn't have the gift card to Walgreens, I wouldn't have bought the stuff. But it was put to good use and my childrens Christmas stockings are getting filled! Will is set on his Oatmeal packets for a long time!

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