Saturday, October 24, 2009

Great Deals

Frugal - characterized by or`reflecting economy in use of resources (10th edition Mirriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary)

Frugal - If you are frugal, you are very careful not to waste things (Scholastic Childrens Dictionary)

I decided to look up the definition of frugal to see what the "experts" say. I read alot of frugal blogs and are always interested to see how people find new and unusual ways to save money. Some I am very interested in and some are just not for our family.

My Mom gave me some money for my birthday. We were supposed to go shopping together after Disney, but ran out of time and energy. So Greg and I went today. I knew what I needed and when Belks was gracious enough to send me some coupons, I knew where I was going to shop.

I bought 2 pairs of jeans, a quilted jacket, nice sweater, blouse and long sleeve knit top! All on sale and then another 20% off, and still have some $$$$ leftover! Thank you Mom! I did check out the clearance racks in my dept. but most was summer stuff and I needed fall/winter. The blouse has 3/4 length sleeves and was on the clearance. Its made out of toile fabric and Greg is calling it my wallpaper shirt.

Greg went upstairs to see if he could find some bargains in the Mens Department and boy did he! Mr. Greg is now the proud owner of 3 pairs of Polo by Ralph Lauren shorts...regular price for all 3 was $280, clearance price was $30 for all 3. Just short of 90% off! We would have NEVER considered paying full price for any of our finds but love the clearance racks at these stores.

We also found some Christmas gifts for our 7 blessings on the clearance racks too! My favorite were the $4.98 racks. There are some great deals out there, ya just have to hunt!

We also went to the "Corner Bakery Cafe" on Lakeland for the first time and it was so good - they have good sweet tea too! Dropped into Hobby Lobby to pick up some cross stitch thread (colors I ran out of for a current project) and went to Kohl's. Kohls had some good sales but not as good as Belks.

And just because...we went to MugShots to watch some football and eat wings. Yeah, by this time we were just wandering and enjoying our time together.

It was a fun Saturday with my honey!

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