Friday, October 30, 2009

96% Savings at JC Penneys

Today we decided to go wandering through some stores and just see if we could find any bargains. Our first stop was "Old Navy" cause I heard they were having a great sale...I found the girls pj pants (purple with a candy corn print) for $2.00 each. I got lots of boxers for the boys (Christmas stocking stuffers) for $1.50 each. Surprises for my hubby for Christmas (shhhhh, its a surprise). For the amount of stuff I got, I was really please with $64. Oh, and dress shirts and boxers for my nephews.
Then we took our coupons and ate a yummy lunch at Chick fil A for $6 for 4 of us.
Then we hit the jackpot at Penney's. We found 4 racks and all the clothes were marked .97!!!!!
The girls tried on lots and lots of tops. We walked out with 12 tops and 1 pair of long shorts and our total was between $13 & $14! Talk about ecstatic! We added up the regular amount of all the clothes when we got home and it would have been $340. I am a happy Mama and I have 2 very happy daughters!


  1. Way to go! I might have to go to Old Navy and check out their sales, they sound great.

  2. 97 cents?? I never find bargains like that.


    Cool for you....bummer for me : (

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