Wednesday, September 23, 2009

turning 50

The following was on a card from my 20 year old son.....

WOW! 50 years is a long time!
Do you realise when you were a kid.....

Remote meant a secluded spot off the beaten path.
Cable was something that supported a bridge.
A video game was trying to make out what the fuzzy images were on a snowy black & white 10 inch tv screen.
A cell phone was what you used to make your one phone call from jail.
A calculator was the accountant who did your taxes.
An airbag was some guy who talked too much.
Digital computing was counting on your fingers.
High Speed Access was an on-ramp to the freeway.
Surfing was something done on a board in the ocean.
And a birthday was actually something you actually looked forward to!

Sounds alot like my "I Remember" post!

Here are a few I forgot...

going to Disney World in the first year it opened
riding Space Mountain for the 1st and only time
Watching "Wonderful World of Disney" every Sunday night
hunting for indian relics before Indian Trail Road was constructed
Riding all the way around I-285 when it was completed

It was a great day filled with surprises! And since I am the teacher and make the rules, it was also a school holiday! We worked on our projects for the fair, watched some episodes of the Waltons and had a lazy day! Then Greg took us and 6 of our kids to Applebees for dinner (Rob was up at school). Thanks guys for a wonderful 50th birthday!

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