Friday, October 5, 2018

Summer is Gone ~ kinda

Calendar wise, summer is gone.  Temperature wise, its still hanging around with 90 degree temps here in GA.

We've been busy with lots of projects and family activities.  Our youngest grandson just turned 3...he isn't a baby anymore.  When our oldest grandbuddy was potty trained we bought him special big boy pants for his graduation from diapers.  We have carried this on with all 4, alvins were a pack of super hero unders and a pack of mickey mouse!  Its the little things!

Amy and I drove to South Carolina last week for the day and spent a great time with Katie and the boys at the Zoo.  They loved it and so did we.  We had taken picnic lunches and then the boys had lots of playground time followed by steak n shake happy hour milkshakes.  It was a full day!

We are gearing up for our family shoebox packing day for Operation Christmas Child & our thanksgiving and Christmas get togethers.  Lots of surprises in the works especially for our little boys!

Greg and I are way past getting our moneys worth from our Disney annual passes.  We are going back in Nov. for the closing of the food and wine festival at Epcot.  Gregs favorite jazz band "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy" will be in concert. They did some of the music for Nightmare Before Christmas. On our last trip, we discovered on the way down that "Mercy Me" would be doing concerts for 2 nights at Epcot.  That was a fantastic praise and worship experience.  The ampitheater was packed and behind the entrances were lines of people about 10 rows deep.  Beautiful experience.

I was so happy to get our fall decorations out the other day.  My home has been "falled".  Amy helped me unpack everything and set it up and Will was our strong man, carrying boxes to and from the basement storage.

Oh,   Allen & Jennifer just celebrated their 5th Anniversary, Katie and Bryant their 7th, and Amy and Austins first is in a couple of weeks.  Mine and Gregs was the beginning of September ~ 13 years!

Happy Fall Y'all!

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